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Spytify is a free program capable of spying on Spotify to record in MP3 the songs played on the platform, without adverts, and with great sound quality


Download songs from Spotify in MP3

December 28, 2020
9 / 10

Certain users refuse to admit that downloads are dead. It's much more comfortable to resort to legal streaming services to enjoy listening to our favorite music or watching the best series and movies than downloading and occupying space on our devices. Spotify is the music platform par excellence, with millions of active users and more hours of music that we could ever possibly listen to during several lifetimes. And now those users can download all this music.

These users reluctant to progress can enjoy all these songs without abandoning their beloved MP3 format thanks to Spytify. It's a tiny program capable of recording (not downloading), all the tracks that are playing on Spotify. We have to differentiate between download and record because, to make this software work correctly, the song must be played entirely so that it can be recorded on our hard drive, so it's not a fast process.

Main features of Spytify

Although the process isn't as quick as we'd like it to be, its functioning is great and its options allow us to get hold of as much music as we want in the highest quality, provided that we've got plenty of time and patience:

  • It allows us to record songs played on Spotify.
  • Capable of differentiating each song and splitting them into different tracks.
  • Lets us choose between MP3 and WAV for the output format and to select a bitrate.
  • It doesn't record the adverts played between song and song.
  • The software allows us to group songs into folders according to the artist or album.
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